Inspirational Customers -Caroline Mahoneys Coast to Coast Walk

The Challenge

Wainwright's Coast to Coast Walk - this is a walk encompassing 3 national parks in the UK Lake District, Yorkshire Dales & North Yorkshire Moors and follows the route of Alfred Wainwright.

Starting on the West Coast of the UK at St Bees Head in Cumbria across to the East Coast of the UK finishing at Robin Hood's Bay North Yorkshire.

The plan to complete the walk in 13 days. This resulted in lengths of days ranging from 12 miles all the way through to 21 miles on any given day depending on what the route dictated for us on any given day. Which resulted anywhere between 5 - 8 hours walking each day.

Day 1 we started on Saturday 4th October and it was great first day albeit that when we actually got to the end of the day we had a climb just to finish it & us off! Which also resulted in us first spotting that perhaps the mileage detailed in the books was maybe a little out of sync with modern fitness apps and how they track mileage as we both noted at the end of the day we had walked 17 miles and we had kept to the route spot on to.

Day 2 much the same but a bigger climb and again another 3 miles on top of what the book told us it would be. With the climb being a 1 mile ascent up the side of a mountain water run

Day 3 off we set over the rocky terrain things going well the climbs (there being 2 today) we thought would be tricky and true to form the first one was as it was a little misleading with us perceiving it to end sooner than it actually did, in fact we ended up really climbing towards the top grabbing rocks to pull ourselves up through, as we descended that is when for me it all came to a crashing halt as i took a fall and ended up twisting my knee which on initial check seemed fine but then became apparent 4.5 miles later from descending down further into Grasmere and back on to flatter terrain the pain set in and that was me no further that day.

However i rested and thought next day would be fine but no knee and leg were swollen and weight bearing was not possible. That was it for me pretty much bar a few half days towards the end and determination to do the last 4.5 miles with my bestie as we had started it together we were going to finish it together, despite my knee and my bestie having a shin splint issue.

I had the most amazing time doing what I did and I will definitely be going back to complete the missing days.....once I am fully back up and running so to speak


Why Did I Want to do it - simple i made a decision earlier this year that I wanted to get fit so I started walking in order to do just that building up to eventually most days after work getting out and doing between 4 & 6 miles each night. Then one day whilst talking to my bestie who had already decided to do the Coast to Coast and asking her various questions on occasions about it and what it was, when she was doing it and all those sorts of things she turned to me and said 'You're asking alot of questions do you want to do it with me' thought for a few minutes and said Yes.

My reason for saying yes was it would be a challenge unlike any other in my lifetime that I had done and what an achievement to look back on and say 'I did that' no one else just me (and my bestie!)


The best 2 Pieces of 'equipment' i took with me were my boots which I was fitted for some months before and would definitely recommend anyone thinking of doing such an event to do the same make sure you get properly fitted as you may think you are wearing the right size etc but as i found out what I ended up with being fitted with was very different and so absolutely right you don't want to be nursing your feet through blisters and pain etc just because you didn't

The 2nd and equally most important bit of kit I had was my Sports Bra. Something I went to Secrets of Castle Cary (where I met Debbie amazing lady) to be fitted for initially not a sports bra just in general as I have never ever done that and thought at my age it was probably about time I did. Then when I decided i was going to do the walk or more walking it occurred to me that I would need a good Sports Bra so back to Debbie & Secrets it was to get fitted properly because given that I would be wearing my Bra anywhere between 5 & 8 hours a day walking let alone any extra time on top of that for transition to our place of stay etc it seemed important that i was not only properly supporting me but comfortable too.

I certainly found that in the Panache Sports Bra. Supportive, comfortable for all day wear, had the razor back option as well that once you get used to using is easy to use and meant i didn't have to have 2 different sorts of Bra the one did the job so well whether I wanted the Razor option or not. So I purchased 2 for the walk and they have proven so good i cannot tell you they dry well, are comfortable, supportive (even though they aren't wired which is my usual go to style) they were equally supportive and of course no wire made them that bit more comfortable for the length of time I was going to be wearing them each day.

So why Secrets of Castle Cary, to be honest I didn't even know it existed until I was searching online for local lingerie shops to where I live that offer bra fitting service/option as I had made the decision that I wanted to get fitted for the first time ever in my life. Then up popped Secrets and I thought lets give it a go, it is local to me (walking distance when I want it to be), independent business so presumed the service would be more personal and I am a big fan of supporting local, independent small businesses especially in the current climate.

I am so glad I did Debbie is amazing as I think I may have said before. She made me feel completely at ease from the moment I stepped in the shop (after having messaged initially to check fitting service was available in the current Covid climate). Took me through to the changing area and it was all just so easy she had a look saw what I needed just by looking at me and checking what I was already wearing and the sort of things I liked then off she popped and came back minutes later with a choice for me one lovely foundation bra good for everyday use then another very pretty one which was part of a set which is my absolute preference to have matching underwear. Both different brands and different sizes but both fitted spot on with a small adjustment to straps and as I said Debbie made me feel so comfortable even asked if she wanted me to leave whilst I tried them on but given I had never been fitted before I took the option of having her expertise on hand and I have never looked back.

I certainly tell all I can about this great little find right on our doorsteps and hope that as many people as possible support this amazing lady and her business.

Nothing is ever too much trouble and she has a great memory for who people are and what they like, size the wear and everything, Long may she stay in business!!!